Finding the perfect wedding day: your ultimate guide

Choosing your wedding date is a super important step in planning your big day. It affects pretty much everything, from the availability of your dream venue to what you and your guests will wear. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into everything you should consider to find the perfect date.

Seasonal check: When is the best time to say “yes”?

Spring: The world awakens to new life, everything is blooming. Perfect for an outdoor wedding with a vibrant, natural backdrop.

Summer: Known for its endlessly long days and balmy nights. Ideal for weddings on the beach, in the garden or generally outdoors. Just remember the heat and make sure you have cool refreshments.

Autumn: This season brings with it a palette of rich colors and pleasant temperatures. Perfect for a wedding with rustic charm and a wonderful color backdrop.

Winter: A winter wedding can be magical, especially when there is snow. The cooler temperatures offer unique opportunities for wedding fashion and cozy indoor celebrations.

Registry office and church: What do you need to know?

Registry office: You should secure your appointment here early, especially on popular dates like August 8th. or Valentine's Day, which are gone quickly.

Church: If you have a church wedding in mind, check with your congregation early on. Popular churches may have long waiting lists, and religious holidays may affect your desired date.

Other things to keep in mind

Holidays: A long weekend wedding can be convenient, but it can also be more expensive and difficult to book.

Special dates: Think about whether there are days that are special for you as a couple, such as the day you met or anniversaries.

Planning head start: the earlier, the better. Many places and service providers are fully booked months or years in advance.

Budget: Getting married outside of peak season can be cheaper and help your budget.

Guest check: Make sure your most important people can attend on your desired date.


Choosing your wedding day is super personal and should reflect you as a couple. Flexibility is key to ensure the best options for everything. As soon as the date is set, it's time to get down to business and you can take care of the exciting details. Happy planning!