The best drinking straw for your guests

Clearly the best choice: sustainable elegance for your big day

Brilliantly sustainable

When we jumped into the adventure of "Bye-bye, plastic straws with wedding straws" we fought our way through the jungle of alternatives - from bamboo to stainless steel. But hey, in the end glass just won us over with its charm! Why? Because it not only makes our green hearts beat faster, but also scores with style, cleanliness and a pinch of immortality .

Convincing quality

At Wedding-Straws we have not just conjured up a glass straw, but a small masterpiece that combines design, functionality and the feeling of doing the right thing in a slim glass tube . And yes, the catering professionals love us for it - our straws are the little heroes in cafés, bars and restaurants far and wide.

Imagine: every sip you take from your wedding straw is not only a pleasure for the senses, but also a high-five for the environment . Our secret recipe? Super-strong glass from Germany , which is shaped using solar energy and transformed into a real piece of jewelry through our quality controls .

Glasstrohhalm in einem Glas vor einem Hintergrund mit Da Vincis Skizzen.

Art meets function

But Wedding Straws isn't just strong. No, we also bring a bit of art into the glass - inspired by the golden ratio, which helped Da Vinci create his masterpieces. Our straws are not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher that makes your drinks shine.

Versatile & uncomplicated

Now for the best part: Wedding Straws is a friend for all occasions - whether for your morning smoothie or your evening cocktail. Thanks to our selection from small to large, Wedding-Straws always fits perfectly and can easily withstand temperatures from arctic cold to lava hot . And after the party? Away Put it in the dishwasher , because yes, Wedding-Straws is a real organizational talent here too.