About HALM

The best drinking straw since 2016

Wedding Straws is a HALM brand, specializing in customizable glass straws as ideal party favors, place cards and much more. But who is HALM?

Leader in quality and innovation

HALM has made a name for itself since 2016 by producing the world's best drinking straws . The team behind HALM is characterized by competence, expertise and quick reactions .

HALM not only offers unique quality, style and safety in their products, but also excellent service and extensive customization offers .

Drinking culture revolution

HALM 's glass straws stand for sustainability, Made in Germany, reusability, taste neutral and 100% plastic-free . HALM 's mission goes beyond the product and includes initiatives such as the "HALM Less Waste Initiative" to combat the flood of plastic and support cleanups worldwide. The glass straws are an overall concept of innovation, design, function and high ecological standards .

All from a single source

HALM has established itself as an indispensable brand across various sectors, from private customers to catering to wholesale and retail as well as in the area of ​​advertising materials . HALM has already sold over 20 million glass drinking straws and has already saved over 5 billion plastic straws . Over 10,000 catering establishments already rely on HALM .