The Less Waste Initiative

Together for a clean world: Wedding Straws & Trash Hero

Wedding Straws & Trash Hero: A strong team

Trash Hero is more than just an organization; it is a movement that inspires people around the world to work together to rid our environment of plastic waste . From Asia to Europe, in over 159 official groups , Trash Hero shows how team spirit and commitment can change the planet.

More than just tidying up

Trash Hero places a huge focus on education and enlightenment . With the “Trash Hero Communities” program, they train volunteers in local languages ​​and ensure a deep understanding of the waste issue. Because knowledge is the key to change.

Your contribution with every sip

With every HALM you not only make your drinks more stylish, but you also actively contribute to cleanups and the prevention of new waste . Help can be that simple: Be part of the solution!

Sip the world clean

With Wedding-Straws and Trash Hero you are walking the path of change . Because every sip from a HALM glass straw is a high-five for our planet. Join us because together we'll sip our way to a cleaner, greener world.