Platzierungstipps für deine Glasstrohhalme

Mit personalisierten Glasstrohhalmen verleiht ihr eurer Feier einen Hauch von Raffinesse und zeigt eure Liebe zum Detail. Damit eure Trinkhalme auch bestens zur Geltung kommen, haben wir für euch eine Auswahl an kreativen Platzierungsideen zusammengestellt.

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Save the date

The date of your wedding is like the premiere of your romantic film - it just has to be perfect. Choose it wisely because it will forever be a special day in your calendar. We have put together what you need to consider for you.

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Set budget

So that you are not surprised by unexpected costs when planning your wedding, you should set a budget beforehand. We have a few tips for you so that not only your wallet but also your hearts will smile at the end.

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Find your dream location

Whether a dreamy beach setting, a rustic country estate or an elegant city villa – each location has its own magic. In this way you set the framework for unforgettable memories that will accompany you and your guests for a lifetime. We have collected our tips for you.

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Have you said “yes” to the dress yet?

When you walk down the aisle in your dream dress, it should not only celebrate your love, but also all the individual facets that make you the wonderful person you are. To make sure you feel comfortable, we have a few tips and tricks for you.

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Choosing a wedding cake

Multi-tiered, chocolaty, fruity, colorful? From classically elegant to modern and bohemian, each floor has a story to tell, be it through the design, flavors or unique embellishments. So that you don't get lost in the land of milk and honey, we have created a basic recipe for you.

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Bridal bouquet and floral decoration

Flowers add color, scent and emotion to your day and give your celebration something very special. Everything you need to know about the timing, type and delivery of your wedding flowers.

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