Quality made in Germany

Manufactured in the heart of Germany: Our glass straws - a symbol of sustainability and precision

Quality with principle

In the world of drinking straws, not all glass is created equal. We, the team behind wedding-straws.com, recognized this early on and decided on a path that balances the environment, aesthetics and longevity . We do not rely on borosilicate glass, which has its advantages but presents a challenge when it comes to recycling. Instead, we chose a type of glass that is 100% recyclable while still offering the strength and beauty you expect from a premium product.

100% recyclable

Why not borosilicate glass? The answer lies in the recycling process . Borosilicate glass, known for its robustness against high temperatures and chemicals, does not reach the required melting temperatures when recycled and therefore cannot simply be disposed of in waste glass containers. It often ends up as unsustainable waste, which goes against our principles.

Drink in style, think sustainably

With our decision against borosilicate and in favor of completely recyclable glass , we kill two birds with one stone: We offer you a product that is not only a visual highlight, but also benefits your ecological footprint. Our glass straws are extremely sturdy and can withstand normal use with ease. And if a straw does break, it can be easily recycled, thus contributing to a closed cycle .

Precision & Personalization

Our glass straws are made in Germany and demonstrate craftsmanship and the highest quality . The glass is processed using a special process that gives it additional strength - all using solar energy . Another plus point: the possibility of providing each straw with an individual engraving . In Berlin we give your straw a personal touch, be it a name, a date or a symbol that is close to your heart.

Drink with style & responsibility

Conclusion: With a drinking straw from wedding-straws.com, you are not only choosing a stylish and personal accessory for your wedding or everyday life, but you are also making a strong statement for environmental protection and sustainability . Our approach proves that beauty, functionality and ecological responsibility can go hand in hand. Take the step towards a greener planet with us – #weddingstraws.