The right wedding location

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. This is where you can get really creative and choose a location that reflects your history and personality as a couple. Let's delve deeper into each aspect and look at different options, including registry office, church or private wedding.

Define your needs and preferences

Before you start your search, it is essential that you as a couple are clear about your ideas. Do you want an intimate celebration in a small circle or a big, exuberant party? Do you prefer a traditional or a modern orientation? The time of year can also be crucial because it influences not only the weather, but also the availability of locations and service providers. A winter wedding in a cozy mountain hotel exudes a different charm than a summer wedding on the beach.

Budget planning

The budget plays a crucial role in choosing the location. It is important to prepare a cost estimate early on, taking all factors into account: rent for the location, catering, decoration, possible overnight costs for guests and additional services such as a DJ or a band. Keep in mind that some places already offer packages including catering and decorations, which can make planning easier.

Research and visits

Use the Internet to make a pre-selection and then plan viewings. Photos can often be deceptive, and only through personal impressions can you determine whether the atmosphere of the place suits you. When visiting, pay attention to the practical aspects: Is there enough space for all guests? What about the acoustics for music? Are there enough parking spaces available?

Flexibility in appointments

If you are flexible with your wedding dates, you can often benefit from better conditions. Popular locations are quickly booked up on weekends and in high season and are more expensive. A weekday or off-season wedding can not only save you money, but also create a more intimate atmosphere.

Additional benefits and services

In addition to the basic rent, many locations offer additional services that can make organization easier for you. This includes catering, decoration services or even a wedding planner who will support you with the planning. Also clarify whether you can bring your own service providers if you have special requests, such as a specific photographer or caterer.

Guest comfort

The accessibility of the location is particularly important when many guests arrive from outside. Are there enough accommodation options nearby? Is the location barrier-free to make it easier for older guests or people with disabilities to participate?

Decoration and personalization

Your wedding day should reflect your personality. Many locations offer the opportunity to decorate rooms according to your ideas. Find out about the possibilities and restrictions. Some places have permanent partners for decoration and flowers, while others give you free rein.

Contract and agreements

Once you have decided on a location, it is important to put all agreements in writing. This includes the rental period, costs and cancellation conditions. A clear contract protects both sides and ensures security.

Different options for the ceremony

Registry office: Civil marriage is legally required in Germany. In addition to the office, many registry offices also offer special locations for the wedding, such as palaces, castles or special cultural sites.

Church: For a church wedding, it is important that at least one partner is a member of the relevant denomination. Churches offer a traditional and celebratory atmosphere that many couples seek.

Free wedding ceremony: A free wedding ceremony offers you the opportunity to customize the location and course of the ceremony. Whether outdoors, in a special location or even in your own garden, you can incorporate your personal story and wishes here.


No matter what type of wedding ceremony or location you choose, the most important thing is that the location suits you as a couple and makes your day unforgettable. Take the time to explore the different options and choose wisely to make your vision of the perfect wedding a reality.