Say “yes” to your dream dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a crucial moment on the way to having your dream wedding. Here are some detailed tips and considerations to help you find your dream dress:

Basic tips for searching

Advice is crucial: You should get comprehensive advice before starting your search. Different styles, cuts and materials suit different body shapes. A consultation can help you clarify your preferences for silhouettes, styles and colors​​.

Stay true to yourself: It's important that you not only feel beautiful in your dress, but also like yourself. Sometimes the perfect dress can seem inconspicuous on the hanger, but it looks stunning on you. Trust your feelings and stay true to your personal style.

Quality of the dress: Make sure that the dress is not only visually appealing, but also has high-quality workmanship. Good quality ensures that you feel comfortable all day long and the dress fits well.

Considerations for fitting

Preparation: Bring nude and/or strapless bras and shoes in the height you want to wear on the wedding day. A hair tie to try out different hairstyles and makeup products for a complete look are also useful.

Accompaniment: Too many opinions can be confusing. Take one or two people you trust with you who can give you honest feedback, but make sure your own opinion comes first.

Style and cut

Classic vs. individual: Classic wedding dresses in white, ivory or champagne flatter almost every figure and represent timeless elegance. If you want something very special, an atelier can make your dream dress according to your own ideas or sketches.

Length and Sleeves: Floor-length dresses are traditional, but short dresses or those with unusual lengths can be just as sexy and allow for more freedom of movement. Long-sleeved dresses are ideal for weddings in cooler months or to cover up unwanted arm areas.

Color and adjustments

Color choice: In addition to the classic colors, there are modern alternatives such as blush that can give your dress an individual touch. The choice should also take into account the style and color palette of the wedding​.


Remember that the most important thing when choosing your wedding dress is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in it. Take the time you need to find the dress that will not only make your body shine, but also your soul.